About NUTN

NUTN Backstory

Headquartered at the Dallas County Community College District's R. Jan LeCroy Center, the National University Technology Network (NUTN) is a consortium of higher education institutions and provides a networking and professional development arena for the advancement of teaching and learning.

NUTN members represent a widely diverse group of innovative leaders in the advancement of teaching and learning. NUTN recognizes that our member institutions are at many different points along the continuum of the implementation of educational technologies. The organization provides member institutions the opportunity for networking and collaboration to face the challenges for successful implementation of these technologies.

NUTN members may take part in professional development activities provided through the Resource Groups and annual Summit events. It is through these events and activities that the opportunities for networking and leveraging of institutional resources begin. By networking, NUTN members have availed themselves of the services of other members to help assess their home institutions and move to solutions. NUTN members also find collaboration opportunities as a result of their membership in the organization—leading to unique solutions and potential funding sources for new and innovative projects.

Essential to the functioning of the organization is an elected and appointed National Advisory Board. The Advisory Board represents and articulates the needs, concerns, and wishes of the membership. Critically, it provides a broad perspective for membership while seeking to ensure NUTN members remain at the cutting edge in their knowledge and use of new and emerging technologies.