What's New About NUTN?

NUTN is an organization that embodies the new networking -- focusing on quality of relationships over quantity, providing opportunities to connect with colleagues who “get it.” We offer unparalleled opportunities to engage with peers and other experienced leaders on topics of current and emerging significance in online learning.

Our members are a group of dedicated, well-regarded administrative, academic, and thought leaders who share a commitment to excellence in online education. They are leaders working to make a difference in higher education -- using technologies to advance the practice of teaching and learning and exploring new directions for making education better. These topics are on the frontiers of educational improvement and change, in ways that make it easier for educational leaders to grasp and connect what's happening.

Today’s NUTN is a group that values multiple perspectives -- a place whose members can express differing and even clashing ideas in a respectful and productive way. It aims to enable the mutual improvement of its members by exchanging and creating knowledge about leadership, technology, and innovation.

NUTN events feature leading speakers in the field:

  • Dr. Wallace Boston
  • Dr. Bruce Chaloux
  • Dr. John Ebersole
  • Dr. Paul LeBlanc
  • Dr. Frank Mayadas
  • Dr. Robbie Melton
  • Dr. Gary Miller
  • Dr. Mark Milliron
  • Dr. Adrian Sannier
  • Dr. Peter Smith
  • Dr. Candace Thille
  • Dr. Linda Thor
  • Dr. Judy Wertheim

Six reasons why you should join NUTN now:

  1. Engage with leaders and innovative ideas that will help you transform learning by leveraging technology and new processes.
  2. Connect with fellow professionals who get it.
  3. Share what’s really going on at your institutions with fellow professionals who can relate and share their own experiences.
  4. Collaborate with colleagues who share a commitment to excellence in online education.
  5. Move beyond the superficial hype surrounding education and understand more deeply what’s happening with technology and education.
  6. NUTN events provide invaluable professional development opportunities for emerging leaders in the field.

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