NUTN Corporate Engagement Program (NCEP)

Collaborating with thought leaders in industries, foundations, and with key stakeholders to promote student and institutional success in distance learning.


NUTN encourages and facilitates the open, collaborative exchange of ideas between education administrators and faculty, education providers, and senior leaders in online education to partner in improving student and institutional success in distance education. To aid in this mission, NUTN engages companies, foundations and other stakeholders as collaborators with its members to target, stimulate, and accelerate student and institutional success in emerging and distance learning environments.

Specifically, the NUTN Corporate Engagement Program (NCEP) offers organizations a structured vehicle to help advance the NUTN mission and engage in the strategic priorities of the growing NUTN community. The goal of the NCEP is to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes by assisting corporate partners through NUTN’s:

  • Platform & Process – Engaging the entire NUTN membership through one vehicle to explore and discuss strategic and tactical product and services strategies.
  • Programs – Participating as a part of the NUTN Community and contributing to advancing initiatives that support mutual goals.
  • Projects – Collaborating on project-specific opportunities that develop from discussion and program initiatives.
  • People – Interacting with a vibrant and growing global community of current and future educational thought leaders, innovators, facilitators, and practitioners via a variety of physical and virtual convening platforms.


Participation in the NUTN Corporate Engagement Program is by invitation and is on a non-exclusive basis. There is no exchange of any confidential information, nor restrictions on a Partner’s relationships with any of the NUTN Consortium Institutions or members of the NUTN Community. The NCEP attracts and engages a powerful cross-section of educational leaders, stakeholders, and practitioners who are actively engaged in promoting student and institutional success across North America. Specifically, the NCEP includes:

  • NUTN Community Involvement – NCEP participants will be invited to participate in activities and initiatives open to the NUTN Community.
  • Engagement Facilitation – NUTN will identify a single point of contact to help an organization guide its participation with NUTN and the Community.
  • Convening Events – The opportunity to help design and participate in open and invitation-only events, including workshops, review sessions and programmatic planning meetings.
  • Catalyzed Collaborations – The opportunity for customized activities and project-specific collaborations. Examples include innovation prizes, targeted fellowship or collaboration workshops as well as specific research and development initiatives.


For an annual fee, the NCEP offers selected industry leaders a unique opportunity to engage in leading edge, student-centric innovations and thematic initiatives. It also provides a vehicle to identify specific areas for more focused, potentially proprietary involvement.

The NUTN Corporate Engagement Program does not include any direct or implied endorsement of a Partner, nor any support for or communication with materials management or other purchasing personnel at NUTN Institutions or affiliates. Other terms and conditions may apply. NUTN reserves the right to limit Partnership participation by commodity or market.

(Sample elements of the Annual Package.)

  • Strategy Session: NUTN Board Members to provide strategy advice to Sponsor in 2 hour working session
  • Sponsorship of one NUTN Webinar: Sponsor to host / moderate a thought leadership webinar with speakers from the NUTN community
  • Feature of Sponsor on NUTN site: 200 word summary of sponsor and how they serve the NUTN community
  • Base-level sponsorship of NUTN Network Conference
  • First right to sponsor at additional NUTN events: This may include verbal and printed recognition at the event, exhibit space, session or panel presentation and a full event registration as allowable by space and programmatic themes.
  • Designated NUTN Board Member as relationship manager, someone that can help with networking and soliciting of informal input / market feedback
  • Recognition in NUTN Digest
  • Use board and membership as sounding board for strategic issues; such as surveys, focus groups, user testing, and case studies.